Mini Eclair - Lemon

Hi, I am Leonie the lemony eclair,

Enjoy me at a party or anywhere.

Whats inside my freshly baked pastry?

A tangy lemon custard that is really tasty.

I'm the perfect combination of sour & sweet,

I just cant wait until we finally meet.


Minimum order quantity: 10 pieces

Choux size: 7cm long

Allergen Info: Contains Wheat, Eggs, Milk

Treat Me

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Lemon heaven

These little bites of delight bring to life the fondest of childhood memories.

Chocolate Panna cotta

Smooth & choclately - this ones delicious!

Disappearing treats

These sweet treats barely made it to the dessert table. Perfect bite sized but full of flavor.

Mini decadence

These sweet treats were an absolute favorite. Not too sweet but oh so decadent!

Full of flavor

Perfectly balanced and full of flavor! Can’t wait to do a range of flavors next time