June 28, 2017 1 min read

Are BIG cakes for parties becoming a thing of the past?

The party is evolving, just like fashion. Big fancy weddings cakes & novelty cakes are just so yesterday. In fact in 2017 some of the top emerging trends have been cookie shots, cakes in a jar, ice-cream macarons, donut cones & dessert cups among many other sweet ideas!

Hosts are always looking for an edge; new and exciting ways to wow their guests at the next celebration. While guests don't really want to finish one big slice of cake anymore - they want small delicious portions AND a variety of treats!

So, if you're starting to plan that next party, and you really want to impress your guests, think "mini desserts". It's a sure way to fill your guests tummies with plenty of sweet happiness.

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Lemon heaven

These little bites of delight bring to life the fondest of childhood memories.

Chocolate Panna cotta

Smooth & choclately - this ones delicious!

Disappearing treats

These sweet treats barely made it to the dessert table. Perfect bite sized but full of flavor.

Mini decadence

These sweet treats were an absolute favorite. Not too sweet but oh so decadent!

Full of flavor

Perfectly balanced and full of flavor! Can’t wait to do a range of flavors next time